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Original song release and cowrite

Original song release and cowrite

100 EUR
We offer cowrites with talented artists/composers and interesting high quality song ideas for releases, competitions, preferably with promotion, label and budget. Only cowrites that allow changes of melody, lyrics, arrangements are accepted. We offer to do a basic piano/bass/strings by Ylva & Linda. For full productions and special requirements we can send requsts to other production teams and ask for price. We do a 50/50 split of royalties between all authors. We also offer cowrites with songwriters who want to do songs for other artists, releases, competitions, Eurovision.

Cowrite/new original songs for song and music competition or serious releases including basic production and Youtube release: from EUR 100 (additional costs for music video, digital release, full production with our team etc)

Please contact us with your ideas and confirmation before ordering.

The artist will record and cover the costs for a studio/home studio vocal recording and send wav files. 

The artist will provide with a high quality picture for Youtube artwork in the required format. See separate products and prices for Spotify, Itunes and music video.

Private studio recording for artists and photo shoot available for Swedish customers.

Conditions: http://www.ylvalinda.com/offers.html